Calgary, AB – Francis Aranha, Ward 2 Councillor  Candidate, Calgary

Before I say anything on the topic, let me make my stand clear on these two important Covid-19 related factors:


– Personally me & my family are double vaccinated

– I advise everyone to get vaccinated, but not to force mandates. I want to keep it educative and not forceful

– I am fine with a central vaccine structure from the province, and do not agree with every city and town having their own vaccine mandates


– Personally, I wear a mask and so does my family

– When it comes to advising others to wear a mask, I do not agree with forced mandates. I want to keep it educative and not forceful

– I agree with central mask guidelines from the provincial government, and do not agree that every city and town should not have their own mask mandates

As the percentage of total people vaccinated in our city goes up and reaches 90% and goes beyond, I am fine with giving people the freedom and help reduce mental stress and related issues!

Having made my viewpoints on those 2 factors clear, here is a bit more on this:

After knocking on more than 15,000 homes, in the past few months, I’ve spoken with nearly a dozen people who consider themselves anti-mask to find out just that. 

What I discovered is that there is certainly a broad spectrum of reasons — some find wearing a mask annoying or just aren’t convinced they work, and others have gone down a rabbit hole of conspiracies that often involve vaccines, big pharma companies etc. 

One man told me he wears a mask when he goes to the store to be polite. A woman got kicked out of the Superstore for refusing to wear a mask amid what she calls the “Covid scam garbage.”

Mandatory mask mandate has become an extremely heated debate during the Covid-19 outbreak. Viral videos of people having meltdowns over masks are common, and in many parts of Calgary, it’s not abnormal for strangers to confront each other publicly over the issue.

I am “Pro Choice” and do not condone fear mongering and government induced bullying.  

The world has seen worse pandemics than covid, in-fact distracted driving is more fatal and takes many lives, we’ve learnt so much about this virus in more than a year and now it’s time that we move ahead with our lives, we can’t let fear rule over us. 

Each person has the right to make their own decision about what is injected in their body. I am in support of everyone who has the vaccine and also everyone who does not. Each person has made the best decision for their circumstances and that should be ok with everyone. 

Attacking people for not wearing a mask doesn’t change their mind. An open, more forgiving conversation might! 

I have no words for what is happening right now. We can’t afford to have another lockdown. 50% of our businesses have either shut down or are on the brink of extinction. It’s time to recover our economy!

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