Calgary, AB – Francis Aranha, Ward 2 Councillor  Candidate, Calgary

I’m issuing the following statement in response to the news that Joe Magliocca would be seeking re-election: “Joe Magliocca should have stepped down long back and shouldn’t have even considered to run again”

It’s a question of integrity, something Joe had lacked all along. Joe should have apologised to the residents of our ward and taken a back seat. I strongly condemn Joe’s actions and suggest he withdraw his application. 

No wonder he’s nicknamed as the “Cocktail Man” in Ward 2! 

I’ve door knocked and have met more than 90% of the ward residents during this election campaign, and 85% of our residents want Joe to be kicked out of office for losing public trust and the misuse of public funds for personal benefit. 

Residents are demanding a change in leadership as their voices haven’t been heard. It’s “Time for Change” The current Councillor for Ward 2 has shown himself to be unfit for public office and has lost the moral authority to lead. Ward 2 residents will be able to render their verdict and let Joe know exactly what they think of his actions by casting their vote in the upcoming municipal elections to be held in less than a month.

Ward 2 needs someone who has lived a life at a grass root level, understands the residents and their difficulties and can communicate with all levels of the government to advocate for the residents of ward 2. 

If elected as a Councillor,  being a commoner, I will represent our ward with transparency, better communication and lead by example.

Ward 2 City Council Candidate Francis Aranha’s response to news of Joe Magliocca seeking re-election.


  • The revelations first came to light in an auditor’s report last year, showing the councillor improperly expensed $5,000, and raised flags about another $10,000
  • Since that time, the councillor has avoided answering questions about the expenses, including avoiding media calls for 18 months. He has also declined to write a letter of apology to Calgarians, despite a vote from his colleagues asking him to do so 
  • The investigation into his expenses cost the city $64,000 
  • A forensic investigation into Ward 2 Coun. Joe Magliocca’s expenses has found ineligible expenses for hotel rooms, meals, and other costs over the last two years. An RCMP probe also found that Magliocca upgraded his seat to business class or premium on seven flights.



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