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As your candidate, Francis believes the following issues need to be addressed immediately.

Fiscal Responsibility

Francis On Fiscal Responsibility

Our City Council has given minor importance on the spending of hard-earned taxpayer’s money. We need to promote small businesses, help them out in this time of crisis, and make it easier to do business in Calgary. Some tasks include:

  • Hold City Council accountable and responsible, gain better transparency.
  • Practice lean management & prioritization.
  • Benchmarking with other cities across Canada and finding efficiencies using successful models.


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Youth empowerment francis aranha

Youth Empowerment

Francis On Youth Empowerment

The median age of Calgarians is a young 37.2 years, we’ve got more than 30% of our ward population in age groups of 13- 30 years. According to Census results, Calgary has the youngest population of major cities in Canada with 70.2 percent of the population between the ages of 15 to 64. (Source Annual Demographic Estimates, Statistics Canada, February 2020).

We need to make sure that our young population is well aligned, empowered, and helped, to achieve their career goals and find employment. These youth are the future of Calgary and flag bearers of Canada, its very important that we focus on this valuable human resource.

Local Business Support

Supporting Local Business & Effective Communication

My passion to develop and maintain positive relationships, got me speaking to the Ward 2 residents and businesses, it was observed that they were not being heard. With my leadership, I’m hoping to bring a big change to this equation by communicating efficiently with our residents, thereby, requesting opinions on subjects that matter the most. Our ward citizens have invested their life savings in these small businesses, if we don’t help them now, there is a risk they could shut down forever.


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